Solidcommercial agreements and structures are the key to businessrelationships

Ourareas of commercial law expertise, include the following:
  • Agencyagreements
  • Commercialagreements
  • Commercialdisputes
  • Confidentialityagreements
  • Contracts
  • Duediligence
  • EscrowAgreements and Escrow Agency Services
  • PledgeAgreements
  • Shareand assets sales and purchases
  • Legaladvice and representation in connection with commercial transaction
  • Companylaw

CorporateLaw and Administration Services

Weare fully aware that legal advice and legal structure must becompatible with the needs of world globalization. Being a licensedand regulated corporate service provider, we are able to offer ourclients administrationand management along with with legal advice oncorporate matters.

Wecover the following areas:

Companyadministration and management of Cyprus companies offering interalia provision of directors, Secretary, Nominee shareholder/s,registered address andrepresentative office

  • Jointventures
  • Mergersand acquisitions
  • Shareholderagreements
  • Corporateorganizations & reorganisation
  • Partnershipagreements
  • Authorizeand issued capital alterations
  • Changeof company's memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Restructuring
  • Strikeoff
  • Re-domiciliation
  • Structuresolutions


Whenall efforts for constructive negotiation are unsuccessful, we adviseand represent clients in a wide range of commercial disputes.

Inaddition to general commercial litigation our areas of expertiseinclude:

  • Contractualdisputes
  • DebtRecovery
  • Freezinginjunction
  • Shareholderand partnership disputes

CyprusInternational Trusts

Thetax benefits of Cyprus International Trusts, together with theenactment of the relatively recent International Trusts Law No69(I)/1992,have established Cyprus as one of the most attractive jurisdictionsin this area.

Understandingthe need for confidentiality and tax benefiting we provide:

  • Adviceon Trust structures and administration of Trusts
  • Trusteeservices
  • Protectorservices
  • Distributionto beneficiaries
  • Revocation

Labour /Employment Matters

Since2017 we have been providing advice on Cyprus employment lawto oneof the biggest employers in Cyprus,on matters such asterminationof employment / dismissals,employer's rights and obligations,redundancies,provident fund registration/ alterationsandmanagement.


Ourexpertise includes the following areas:
  • Registrationof trade marks
  • Adviceon the acquisition, registration and protection of all intellectualproperty
  • Franchisingand licensing
  • Registrationof Patents


Understandingthe needs of global citizens, we offer our clients servicesin thefollowing areas.
  • Citizenshipapplications including applications based on the Cyprus Investmentprogrammes
  • Permanentresidence permits
  • Employmentpermits
  • Visas


Areasof work include:
  • saleagreements
  • acquisitionof property by foreigners
  • estateplanning and administration

Real Estate / Conveyancing
General property work such as drafting of sale or rent agreements, search of the Land Registry, filing of agreements with the Land registry, arranging for the settlement of all property taxes as well as capital gains tax and stamp duty, work related to the obtaining of the permit by the Council of Ministers for the registration of land in the name of foreigner, work related to the transfer of the property and registration in the name of the new owner.

Wills and Probate
Ourfirm specialises in all aspects of providing services relating towill and probatesuch as:
  • Draftingof wills and execution
  • Adviceon administering estates
  • Draftingcourt applications for letters of administration to be granted
  • Actingas executors and administrators
  • Draftingall documents required by law and filing all petitions for thecommencement and completion of an administration
  • Resealingof wills